Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathologists are vital to understand the scope and impact of speech delay or disorder. Difficulty with language is not always a lack of ability to express thoughts and feelings. The cause may be a challenge with perception, understanding, or even cognitive communication and memory. At IAT we focus on the whole picture, striving to understand and identify the origin of the communication roadblock to help our clients navigate the world around them and learn to effectively express themselves.


  • Receptive language skills, such as:
    -following directions
    -increasing vocabulary
    -responding to their name
    -answering wh-questions
  • Social Skills
    -learning to tolerate peers near them
    -learning to interact appropriately with peers
    -functional play
  • Expressive language skills:
    -using signs, pictures or words to communicate
    -naming objects, people, wants and needs
    -using a variety of nouns and verbs in spoken speech
    -increasing the clarity of speech by addressing articulation
  • Feeding Therapy
    -for food aversions, picky eaters and food refusal
    -addresses swallowing issues
    -importance of structuring meal time